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December 18th 2011

Cooper finished another puzzle game for the Atari Falcon 030. It was already released at Sillyventure 2k11

See Pouet at http://pouet.net/prod.php?which=58102 or our Games section for download

August 11th 2011

Simon Sunnyboy finished a little helper routine to draw tiles onto an ST-LOW screen from AHCC.

The routine draws either 16, 32, 48 or 64 pixel wide tiles in all 4 planes with any amount of scanlines on an ST-LOW screen.

The x coordinate is cropped to 16pixel increments for speed.

Download in the AHCC section.

August 8th2011

Cooper and Simon Sunnyboy attended Atari Days Nancy 2011 this weekend in Tantonville, France.

It was a small but great and very friendly event with an ace catering! :)

Check the photos at SSB's blog

August 1st 2011

Simon Sunnyboy learned abit how to use LINEA on a low level. The result is a small routine to provide an RC_COPY equivalent for AHCC.

The routine can be adapted to Pure C using the Pure C native LINEA API with small rewrites. Same functionality as GFABASIC RC_COPY but now for C. (ST-LOW only due to hardcoded values)

Download in the AHCC section.

February 20th 2011

Simon Sunnyboy ported GT Turbo's interface for Wizzcat Protracker Replay from GFABASIC to C. You can now replay Amiga protracker modules at 12KHz on the STE DMA sound hardware from AHCC. Credits go to GT Turbo and Wizzcat ofcourse!

Download in the AHCC section.

February 15th 2011

Time for another small code release. Simon Sunnyboy finished his rasterbar sources for AHCC and you can download them in the AHCC section.

The package should be compatible with Pure C if you tweak the project file. You basically have to add the files ssb_rast.s and ssb_rast.h files to your project.

January 9th 2011

Whew, what a long time since the last update!

Cooper released his latest Atari ST puzzle game called Kolmik (Deluxe Edition) on Christmas 2010. It has been on DHS for some time but I (SSB) didn't update our webpage.

Grab the game at the Games page and don't forget to vote on Pouet!

July 10th 2010

Simon Sunnyboy added his STLOW access library for AHCC to the AHCC page.

You can now easily switch to ST-LOW or ST-MEDIUM from your C code. Just link the new library and use its calls.

February 14th 2010

Starting with today Paradize officially supports C coders on the Atari ST. Simon Sunnyboy plans to move to C in the upcoming time. In this process a lot of libraries and helpful C code will emerge.

You will find those libs and stuffs on the AHCC Support page. AHCC is a free and Pure C compatible compiler that is still developed and supported so go grab the AHCC Compiler package and enjoy!

For the start we have a small library for accessing the IKBD, e.q. reading keyboard, mouse and joystick without the help of TOS. Support libs for switching to ST-LOW, Falcon TrueColor, Jagpad access, DMA Sound and replaying SNDH music will soon follow (hopefully before Outline 2010)

Happy C coding!

December 6th 2009

Paradize welcomes a new member aboard. Malodix joined our ranks as an additional graphics and music man.

Welcome aboard, mate!

December 4th 2009

updated the GFABASIC section with HMS Soundtracker routine to replay MOD files easily on Atari STE from GFABASIC

Thanks to Zorro 2 / NoExtra for supplying this some time ago!

October 14th 2009

Paradize has a new game release for your Atari ST/STE/TT and Falcon out.

A preview version has been shown at Outline 2009 but this is the final game with digi sound and sprite animation.

Attackwave is a simple shooting game in the wake of Missile Command and Galaxians. Just blast the baddies from your orbital laser sat for highscore.


Grab it over at the Games page.

June 24th 2009

There is a saying that competition is good for business!

True to this word, Heavy Stylus/RGCD und Tomchi/NoExtra released a new game for the Atari STE.

[r0x on STE]

r0x is an avoid'em up in space for up to 2 players for all STE with 2MB RAM or more.

Grab it at the r0x homepage: http://www.rgcd.co.uk/r0x/

Well done, RGCD! - time for us Paradizers to finish something, but no worries, there are more games from us in the works so stay tuned!

May 4th 2009

Not directly Paradize or ST related but our crewmember Orion released a nice collection of his work on the Atari Jaguar console as a CD image.

Learn more at http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=143536

STay cool, STay Atari /|\

April 4th 2009

A new utility has been released.

[Paradize Rasterbar Generator]

Grab the Paradize Rasterbar Generator at the Tools section

Bugfixed broken link for the Fade Calculator (ehem)

January 18th 2009

A Happy New Year 2009 to all of you! Paradize begins the new year with releasing another puzzle game for the Falcon.

[Jewelz screenshot]

Grab Jewelz for your Falcon over at the Games page.

Simon Sunnyboy's opinion: Now we should call ourselves "Puzzledize" instead, shouldn't we?

December 17th 2008

Orion releases today a small 4K game called Spy4k

[Spy4k screenshot]

Grab it over at the Games page. Two binaries are included, one for ST use and one for Falcon.

As we Paradizers will probably not update any news before Christmas, we all want to wish you a Merry Christmas 2008 and hopefully a succesfull year 2009 on Atari!

Stay cool, stay Atari in 2009 and beyond!

September 16th 2008

Another Falcon release for you to enjoy: Cooper finished his first game for the Falcon.

[Chainz screenshot]

Grab Chainz for your Falcon over at the Games page.

September 2nd 2008

Finally a Demo style release after ages!

Paradize is proud to present Zikdisk #2, a massive YM music album with groovy tunes by Marcer

[Zikdisk 2]

Grab it over at the Demos subsection.

August 31th 2008

Time for a change! We have a new website logo as you can see above. It has been designed by Ukko / Sector One last year.

Thanks for supporting us!

August 27th 2008

Some small additions:

May 25th 2008

Today Paradize releases a special goody for all the GFABASIC lovers out there. Simon Sunnyboy's Rasters for GFABASIC install a Timer B handler to have support for rasterbars in GFABASIC. The routine rasters a color register of your choice (0 by default) with a list of colors the programmer can specify and alter on the fly. The width of the raster bars can be controlled as well.
A raster stabilizer is fully included in the raster handler but a seperate version of the stabilizer for use in your own raster routines can be downlaoded as well.

April 6th 2008

Cooper has updated "The pairs are gone".
You can now select between sample and YM music by pressing m.

Just redownload the game from the Games page.

March 23th 2008

Happy Easter to all of you :)

Update of the GFABASIC section with a VBL handler for STE hardware scrolling and an inlined version of FPATCH2.PRG

added a utility for setting the Falcon volume

March 21th 2008

Update and cleanup of the GFABASIC section

added a few packs of GFABASIC demo coding stuff

added a 32x32 pixels Blitter sprite routine by ggn

February 4th 2008

[The Pairs are gone]
Cooper's game "The Pairs are gone", made exclusively for the ST Offline Tournament, is now available on the Games page

November 9th 2007

[Outline 2007 Slideshow]
Today Paradize releases the Outline 2007 Slideshow execlusively for Atari Falcon 030. Grab it at our new Falcon page.

added MUG UK's GFA Linkfiler to the GFABASIC section

November 7th 2007

added library routine to allow 2 distinct palettes on a ST-LOW screen from GFABASIC

November 6th 2007

After a period of hibernation due to reallife activity Paradize is back on track!

Today we release a small update of the Desktop Configurator. The new version v3 has support for all versions of TOS builtin and automatically selects whether it has to overwrite DESKTOP.INF or NEWDESK.INF. Complete tool description is provided.

Grab it at the Tools page.

June 9th 2007

added 50/60HZ switching utilities as accessory and for AUTO folder use to the Tools page

May 16th 2007

added a tutorial howto connect an Atari Falcon via Nullmodem to a PC with STing

May 15th 2007

added photo gallery with pictures taken during the Outline 2007 party

added a small library to use a 320x240 Truecolor mode on the Atari Falcon 030 from GFABASIC
see the GFABASIC section

March 19 2007

added page for our latest member Orion

March 12 2007

added pictures of last Thursday's "all Paradize members online at once" event

March 11 2007

The first complete ST demo by Paradize is available for download.

Get Orion's demo "Kick my ass'embler" from the Demos page

March 2 2007

Marcer is a proud daddy now and all members of Paradize congratulate for Marcer Jr.

December 22 2006

Orion released a small and nice christmas intro today.

Get it at the intros page

December 08 2006

By accident I put the wrong (non fixed) binary into the NWD downloads. It is now fixed. The really fixed version announces itself with a MEGA STE fixed message at loading.

Thanks to ggn for telling me and sorry for any inconvenience! - SSB

December 04 2006

Nuclear Waste Dump has been fixed so it now runs on Mega STE properly and also the Medrez bug should have been fixed.

Grab the fixed version from the Games page

Official release of the game Poker Square - see Games page

December 03 2006

Paracon 8 pictures by Simon Sunnyboy online

November 30 2006

site migration to static pages and new stylesheets complete

November 30 2006

site migration to static pages and new stylesheets complete

November 19 2006

site overhaul with migration to static pages has started

October 19 2006

added a bugfixed and TOS 2.0x compatible version of Znax

October 12 2006

added disk image version of Nuclear Waste Dump for download

October 11 2006

Phew - finally it is out.

Today we release the game Nuclear Waste Dump which has been delayed for over a year. But it was worth the effort and we are proud to show you the nice artwork by Minz and the cool soundtrack by Marcer.

As all games by Paradize this game is powered by GFABASIC. Go to our Games page to download!

An emulator friendly diskimage will be provided soon!

October 04 2006

added some bootsectors and a page for size limited demos

October 03 2006

Yes, the old website is back! Why you may ask?

The "new" site was severely bugged and after a discussing it was clear that we don't need that much interactive features.
I hope you aren't sad but as we seldom update the page this benefits most of us.

Now you can also find the latest release by Cooper here.
Znax is a cool and additive little puzzle game.

Beside this I did a generic content overhaul, adding some member photos and new links.

August 14 2006

added emulator detector code for GFABASIC use to the library

June 08 2006

added Paradize releases and contributions for Outline 2006 to the site

May 12 2006

Musicmon2.5d replay library added to the GFABASIC section

April 4 2006

YM2149 chiptune archive added - you can find and download SNDH tunes made by Paradize members here

February 14 2006

Long time friend and cool chap ggn of KUA Software fame joined Paradize now. He will supplement our coder's force!

Welcome aboard, mate!

January 14 2006

added an example source on howto init and use a planar 320x240x256 color mode on the Falcon 030

December 01 2005

Update on the Paracon 7 picture gallery - now a few pics from Thothy are up and used with permission - check the Paracon 7 gallery.

archived old news bits away

November 29 2005

The Paradize Antivirus has been released.

A small utility to install a simple virus detector bootblock on your floppy disks.

Download it at the Tools and Utilities section.

November 28 2005

Paradize got back from the cool Paracon 7 party organized by Paranoia.

Photos taken during the party by Simon Sunnyboy can be viewed on the Paracon 7 gallery.

November 22 2005

The Desktop Configurator has been released.

A small utility which allows you to select one of up to 10 individual DESKTOP.INF (or NEWDESK.INF) files from the AUTO folder.

Download it at the Tools and Utilities section.

November 7 2005

Paradize now has its own forum where you can meet and talk about anything Atari ST and Paradize related.

Forum information

October 28 2005

Due to massive abuse, the guestbook was closed. If you want to leave us a comment, drop a mail!

October 17 2005

Our new game Pooz has finally been released. Check http://pooz.atari.org/ for details.

September 23 2005

added an example source in GFABASIC for loading and displaying .PI9 pictures on the Falcon 030 - download it from our GFABASIC section

September 09 2005

added a kernel to set ST-LOW and properly return to the original resolution by Cooper to the GFABASIC section

added The Cookie Jar Inspector to the Tools section

September 02 2005

improved SNDH replayer for GFABASIC with any sane replay frequency by Gwem online - download it from our GFABASIC section

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