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"Find us a logo"


Thanks to all who took part. Your work is much appreciated and will be used in upcoming Paradize productions.

Even those who have not directly won will appear on a future Paradize prod with their artwork.

The following pics were recieved and took part in the contest:

sh3-rg submission Winning entry by Sh3-rg
c-rem submission by C-Rem / MjjProd
f. jacco submission by F. Jacco

The rules

NEW DEADLINE May 01 2004

Goal :

The aim of this little contest is to help us to find the "Ultimate" logo for our crew. This logo will be used in all future Paradize releases, as a splash screen, so, at the beginning of our products.

Rules :

This contest is opened to everybody, and there are only 3 rules to follow to enter the contest :

All your favorite tools are allowed to let you create the best logo, even PC, Amiga or whatever else.

Deadline :

Deadline is set on 01.05.04 - 20h00

Where to send them :

Contribs have to be sent to the following address :

st_cooper -at- voila.fr

I hope there will be many contributions, and i wish you all good luck !

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