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Paradize on IRC


Ofcourse you may chat with the various members of Paradize.

Just fire up an IRC client (I recommend X-Chat, Kvirc, Ksirc or on Atari AtarIRC) and connect to the old and reliable IRCNet and join us in one of the following channels.

IRC channels

#paradize Our own IRC channel. You can meet all Paradize members and our friends here.
#atariscne The main channel of the Atari ST/TT/Falcon demo scene. You can meet the nicest and coolest Atari chaps here.
#atari.fr Channel of the french speaking Atari ST/TT/Falcon scene. You can meet our french speaking members here.
#dbug Channel of the cracking crew D-Bug, meet D-Bug members here

All Paradizers online

Here are some screenshots when all members of Paradize were online at once. That hardly happens so it is som sort of funny event :)

All Paradizers online on Thursday, March 8th 2007
[all Paradizers on IRC 1]
screenshot by ggn

[all Paradizers on IRC 2]
screenshot by Cooper, taken from his selfmade STE IRC client

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