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YM2149 chiptunes


Welcome to the Chiptune archive!

In this section you can find various YM2149 chiptunes composed by Paradize members. Ofcourse individual tunes used in some of our prods are included. All CPU measurements were done with the tool by gwEm and are valid for standard 8MHz STs.

If not stated different, the files are in SNDH format.

chiptunes composed by Marcer

The chiptunes in this subsection were all composed by Marcer.

Title used in CPU usage
At House Sid   20%
Bonita Zikdisk 1 36%
Broken 2 Jace intro for the DHS Compo 15%
Bubble DHS Compo 39%
Bye Bye Friend DHS Compo 39%
COMIC Bakery Mix Alive 10, Zikdisk 1 12%
CONAN   23%
Disk 0 Zikdisk 1 41%
Dragonflight Mix   33%
Impossamole Zikdisk 1 12%
I wish v2 Alive 11 24%
Lotus 1 Zikdisk 1 11%
New Time 2 Zikdisk 1 39%
Noisy Pillar remix v2   47%
Outrun 10 Zikdisk 1 19%
REAL Hybris Zikdisk 1 12%
Trust DHS Compo 33%
Breath Outline Outline 2006 music compo ???

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